Save Time and Money with Our Brick Slip Cutting Service

Brick Slips: A Popular Choice

Brick slips have become the go-to option for homeowners and builders looking to create stunning brick feature walls. At Brick Tiles Nationwide, we not only offer a diverse range of beautiful brick slips but also provide a professional brick slip cutting service.

Perfect for Matching Existing Brickwork

Whether you have your own bricks that need cutting or require a perfect match for existing brickwork, our cutting service is ideal. We ensure precision and quality with every cut.

The Benefits of Our Professional Service

With our team of expert brick slip cutters and industry-standard equipment, we guarantee a perfect fit and finish. Whether you need regular brick slips, headers, corners, or reveals, we produce accurate results every time.

Save Time and Money

Cutting brick slips by hand can be slow and labor-intensive, especially for large projects. By outsourcing to us, you save on tools, equipment, and labor costs. Our competitively priced service helps you stay within budget without compromising on quality. Focus on other aspects of your project while we handle the cutting.

Let Us Handle the Mess

Cutting bricks creates a lot of dust, especially when cut dry. Our factory is equipped to handle this mess efficiently. Using a filtered water system, we cut brick slips on wet saws and fully dry them before delivery, leaving you with clean, ready-to-install brick slips.

Matching Your Existing Bricks

Many customers want a brick slip feature wall that matches their existing bricks, whether from a new extension or original construction. Our experienced team can help find the perfect match, order the bricks, and cut them into slips ready for your project.

Use Your Own Bricks

Using your own bricks is the most sustainable option, and we encourage it. Send your bricks to our Manchester factory (we can help arrange collection), and our cutters will turn them into finished brick slips ready for installation.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Our brick slip cutting service is suitable for any project size, from a small fireplace to a full house cladding. We handle projects of all scales with the same level of expertise and care.

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