Fireplace Chambers

Brick Tiles Nationwide bring you the latest range of unique chambers available in today's market, The range of chambers available from us present you with one of a kind bespoke panels with unbeatable value and quality, and we hope you will find the correct product here.

The chambers are made in plain fire board providing thermal stability and heat insulation. Although we can fit to vermiculite or MGO board (Magnesium Oxide) On request but will incur a higher price.

Also we have a range of Brick finished boards, Standard Brick Fireplace Chambers, Various Rustic Brick Fireplace Chambers & Herringbone finishes, 4-piece Fireplace Chambers with top arched brick, Brick Fireplace Chambers with Front returns awaiting the Beam of your choice.

All Prepared Chambers have lead times from point of order of 7 -14 Days, please contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help

Safety comes first! Our fire chambers boast sturdy construction, with each piece well exceeding 25kg. For your well-being, we strongly recommend against lifting alone. Remember, teamwork ensures a smooth setup.

Custom sizes please send us an email with your specifications: