Reclaimed Barn House Brick Tile

The Reclaimed Barnhouse brick slips are our most popular product. They are made from an original reclaimed wirecut brick. Each Barnstock brick slip is unique and offers a variety of colour due to the years of weathering that the bricks have been through.

Our Reclaimed brick slips have a worn and weathered appearance with chipped and cracked surfaces that make each brick slip individual and full of character. No two brick slips will ever look exactly the same.

They use a reclaimed common wirecut brick that is taken from demolition projects around the North of England. Mostly taken from old industrial buildings such as warehouses, factories and old mills, these bricks come with their own individual history.

Why not check out our blog post looking at the history of a recent batch of these bricks.

They are the perfect brick slips for creating an exposed brick wall with an industrial feel.

The Reclaimed Barnstock brick slips are a very popular choice amongst our clients.

Have a look at our social media profiles for some inspiration and see what our customers have achieved with these brick slips or head over to our Instagram to see more examples of our great customer projects.

Colours range from Orange to Dark Red, with light and dark variations from brick to brick.

Sample brick slips can be ordered here. We would recommend all customers to check out samples before ordering to get a good idea of the colour, texture and finish of our brick slip range.

These brick slips are available in both standard flat brick slips, headers, corners and reveal corners.